Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's been a year...

We have been married a year now.

It has been such an amazing year. I fall more in love with this man everyday. God truly gave me the desires of my heart. He is more then I ever dreamed he would be.

This year has taught me that Gods timing is so perfect. It might not line up with how we would like it to be, but it is perfect. If we hadn't waited for Gods timing, we might not have been blessed with each other, or learned what we needed to learn before getting married. I think we appreciate each other more now then maybe we would have if we met at 20. This year has had a few ups and downs but I absolutely love being my sweethearts wife. I can't imagine not being married to my handsome groom.

I wanted to share some pictures from our honeymoon.

These are a couple pics from our first anniversary.

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