Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our role

As women our role in the home is such an important one. The bible says we are to be keepers of the home. We are to respect our husbands in that role. You control the atmosphere of your home. If you are disheveled or your home is, then that atmosphere in your home can become tense. But if you have started your day off right,  with God then I think that brings such a calming spirit into your heart and your home. It sets your spirit to where it should be, a Keeper of the Home. When our husbands come home from a hard days work he is looking for peace and love. It's our job to make sure our homes convey that. No one's perfect and days don't always go as planned but I think we need to make this a priority in our lives.

I love Proverbs 31 because it is so important for us as women. As women we need to strive to have the heart of this wife and mom.

In Christ,

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dealing with loss

I felt like my heart had been torn in half. How could this happen ? I asked the Lord why He could allow this to happen. Why?  Why would He take my baby from me? I would never have a chance to hold this little one.  Our first. Our precious first baby. Why?

The Lord doesn't always tell us why He allows things to happen. He does tell us that He will be with us when we are walking through it. I don't know why we lost our baby,  but God does. God has a very special plan for our lives. Sometimes He makes us walk through things that we think,  " How could I ever walk through that? "

He is I Am, He is Alpha and Omega. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. If you are going through a similar heartache,  God wants to comfort you. He wants to hold you in His arms. He is our loving Father.

I struggled with this- Why would He bless us with this precious gift if He knew we were going to lose it?

I don't know why we lost our baby. I do know that God has a plan for our life. He has had that plan in place from the beginning of time. I know that my baby has a special place in God's arms, not mine.

It's so easy to be mad, or ask "What did I do to cause this", or "What could I have done to prevent this? "

Truth is there is nothing you can do but pray. Don't blame yourself. That is easy to do. Ask me how I know? 

When I was going through this it was so hard for me to talk to the people that would say, "It's ok, It happened for a reason,  God has a plan."

In my heart I know all that, I know that God is in control but at that moment it is so hard to hear. I just wanted to be held-too have someone to cry with. I had so many people that did just that. My husband was amazing through this whole thing.

It has been almost a year now and my heart still aches sometimes. I am comforted that my sweet babe is in the arms of the Father. It hasn't been easy but I have learned alot about God's faithfulness and His love.

In Christ,

Monday, December 1, 2014

Waiting for Prince Charming

If you are a young lady waiting for her prince  charming, I want to encourage you not to lose hope.  He is out there. God has someone really special for you. The wait can be really frustrating,  but don't lose hope.

Pray for your husband everyday.  This is important because even though you don't know him, your prayers could mean alot to him. God knows your heart, He knows your desires.  When you seek the Lord in every area of your life, He will give you the desires of your heart.

God has an amazing guy for you.  No matter how discouraged you may feel,  God has a plan and a future for your life.

I encourage you to look up Jeremiah 29:11 ,this scripture has been my favorite for years.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


My view, right now, consists of a log cabin, cattle on pasture, and horses roaming the countryside. Yes,  we have arrived in Washington and for the last few days we have begun to settle in. For now, my husband and I are staying with his parents. I am so thankful that we get to stay with my husband's folks and we are so blessed to have a place to live up here while we are waiting to go to Georgia. I long to get to know his family better. This transfer involves one month training here in Washington,  training in Georgia,  and then back here to our station. I can't wait until the training is over so we can start looking for our own piece of land. The transition up here has been hard. I miss my folks, and it was really hard to say goodbye, but I know that this is where the Lord is leading us and we are so excited about this new chapter in our lives.
I absolutely love it up here. It is gorgeous. I am so excited that we get to be up here in such beautiful country.

In Christ, Sarah

Friday, September 26, 2014

New Beginnings

I have always wanted to live in the country. I am a country girl born in the city. I have lived in Arizona almost all my life. When I was five, my family lived in Iowa for a short time and I absolutely loved it. I can remember almost every detail of the farm, from the tractor my grandpa had, to the wood stove, to the 80 acres of soybeans. I think that is where this city girl fell in love with the country. There is no doubt about it... I was not cut out to live in the city. Being surrounded by buildings and cars, being able to reach out your window and touch the neighbors fence (well maybe they aren't that close, but you know what I mean) just isn't for me. I love horses and chickens, and have always wanted a dairy cow and acres upon acres to to raise my family on. Yes, Arizona has land for sale, but not what I love, which is pasture land. Northern Arizona even has a little snow, which I love, but I have always felt in my heart that I would not live here forever. I know now why I have always felt that way. Where am I going with all of this you might ask? Well, my husband put in for a transfer back in November, and the Lord has opened the door to exactly where we want to be.


We are moving to Washington State. My husband's transfer went through. So, tomorrow, we will be moving to Washington. My husband is from Washington and longed to return. We prayed for the Lord to open doors to return there and He did. We will miss Arizona very much. It's where we met, fell in love, and got married. It's where we spent our first year of marriage. It's where my side of the family is. We will miss our friends and family, but we are excited to see what God has in store for us in Washington.

In Christ, Sarah

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