Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Story: Part 3

October 27th 2012: Up to that point in my life, no other day had made me that nervous. He was driving up from phoenix to meet me in Prescott. There was so many emotions going through me- fear, anxiousness anticipation,excitement. I cant even remember how many different outfits I tried that morning. HaHa We had a wonderful day together. We spent 7 hours together. I was still nervous, but couldn't wait to see him again and to see where this would lead. He came back up two days later.  Its a two hour drive from phoenix, and he was only able to stay for two hours, but he came up anyways. He took me to dinner and met my parents. My mom said if he was willing to do that, he was a keeper. So, on November 12th we officially started dating. He asked me that weekend to go to Washington with him for Christmas and to meet his family. We enjoyed an amazing week with his family. It was such a blessing meeting them. They are amazing and made me feel so welcome. It is such a blessing to be welcomed into a family such as this. A couple months later on February 18, 2013 he proposed. I moved back to phoenix to be closer. It's easier, after all, to plan a wedding when you're in the same town. I moved in with some awesome family friends, and over the next five month's, we planned our wedding. It was a dream come true. I was finally planning my wedding. I was finally getting married. I was finally going to be a wife- to the most amazing guy I have ever met. Being a wife has always been my dream. I had been preparing to be a wife for so long.

Next time: The wedding

In Christ Sarah

Some pics from when we were dating:

First concert together.

Thanksgiving -2012

These are some of our engagement pics:

My engagement ring.

My handsome fiance'.


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