Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Story: Part 1

So in June of 2012 I posted about waiting. Waiting for my husband has been one of the longest and most frustrating times in my life. Ever since I was a little girl I imagined myself being a wife and mother. That was and still is my heart's desire. God has made me (us) to have a desire for home and family. That is what God has designed us for. To be a helpmate to our husbands. No matter what this world says, it is truly a high calling from God.
Here is where that story begins. In 2012, God spoke to me three times confirming that I would meet my husband in 2012. I can honestly say that I was not as patient as I should have been. I asked the Lord so many times why He was making me wait this long. I didn't understand. I was so ready to be a wife. He was speaking to my heart ,continually saying " wait on Me, wait patiently on the Lord." Well at times I didn't want to be patient. But all I could do was prepare my heart for my husband, to wait for him to enter my life in the Lord's timing. So in march of 2012 my mom and pastor suggested I join an online, dating website. (This isn't a plug for online dating, Its just our story.) My first thoughts were: 'Can you really meet a good person?' " Is it safe?" These fears are what kept me from joining in the past. But the fact that my mom was suggesting it made me want to join. I had talked to my pastor about it and he told me not to put God in a box. So in march I took God out of the box I had put Him in and joined, not knowing if this was the way He was going to bring my husband into my life. I was matched with several different guys. I was nervous and excited because I couldn't help but think one of these guys could be the one.
                                                                  To be continued...

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